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Staff Contact

The best way to communicate with Staff is through email.

We ask that all families are considerate of staff and that they are patient when contacting teachers through email. A staff member will contact you within 24-48 hours of receiving an email Monday- Friday and will not be checking emails during learning times and sparingly over weekends. Staff are not expected to respond to emails after 7pm. If your contact is of an urgent nature, please make the teacher aware in the subject line or contact the principal at Any general enquiries can still be sent to


Kate Muccignat

Leonie Hester

Marg Winterton

Grade 1/2

Caz Websdale

Katelyn Sligar

Rachel Braun

Grade 2/3

Daniel Howells

Grade 3/4

Donna Handley

Janine Kilmartin

Grade 5/6

Kara Dedigama

Tory Parker      

Lizzy Cunningham

Art, Italian, Performing Arts, Music & Band

Kylee Kinder (Art)

Diane Robbins (Italian)

Kelly Lucas (Drama)

Rosie Ahrens (Music)

Nathan Power (Band)


Andrew Greco

Deputy Principal

Caz Websdale

Teaching and Learning Leader

Rachel Braun

Learning Adjustment Leader

Katelyn Sligar

Religious Education Co-ordinator

Kelly Lucas

Learning Support Officers (LSO)

Michelle Caddy 

Fiona Cathcart  

Vicky Nightingale

Claire Hower     

Chris Porter       

Chris McLean