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School Fees and Levies

The Fee and Levies schedule for 2020 is as follows:

Our School Fees are a family fee. The fee is the same whether there are one, two or more children in a family at Columba.

School Fees 2020

$1400 per family


Maintenance Fee            $100 per family

(maintaining gardens, playgrounds and buildings throughout the year)

Levies per child

Prep to Grade Three           $150 per year

Four to Grade Six               $170 per year        

(The difference between Prep – 3 and Grade 4-6 is the cost of sporting activities.)

School Books and Stationary Fee per child

Prep to Grade Six               $100 per year

Please note: Extracurricular activities such as Swimming & Camp (Grade Four, Grade Five & Grade Six) are also invoiced across four terms.


The total cost of one child in Prep at Columba is $1700 per year or $42.50 per week for the 40 weeks of school.